We strive to build incredible teaching and learning experiences

Our highly qualified and well experiened team is commited to innovate and deliver personalized teaching and learning solutions.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a one-stop platform to provide the Learners, Facilitators and Recruiters THE right resources at THE right time to meet their goals utilizing the potential of AI to automate evaluation, basic skilling and resource search so that each individual can focus on quality.

Learners Need skill training in communication and fundamentals, motivation for self learning, right challenges, support, timely opportunities matching their EQ, SQ and IQ profiles.

Facilitators Need to deliver beautiful course experiences, stay current, in class activities, post class engagements, get real time feedbacks, share notes, manage attendance, connect with parents.

Recruiters Need to connect with the right candidates and hire proper workforce, minimize attrition, connect with the educators to attract right skillset in the potential candidates.

The Solution

Bridge the GAP

Identify gaps that prevent each individual from attaining the goals and bridge them in innovative ways.


Adapt to the needs of learner, facilitator and recruiter based upon recommendations from the AI engine.


Evaluate EQ, SQ and IQ of Learners, help Facilitators design right course experiences and assist Recruiters in connecting with the right candidates.


Virtual tutors for skill training, automated interviews and bot based interface for personal touch.


Automate post class engagements, forums and feedbacks adapting to the needs of the individual.

The Amazing Team

Sumit Gupta, Ph.D.
(National Univ. Singapore)

Founder & CEO

Abhinav Dayal, Ph.D.
(Northwestern Univ. USA)

Co-founder & CTO

Ravi Saripalle, Ph.D.

Innovation Advisor and Mentor

Ranbir Sinha, Ph.D.
(Univ. Minnesota, USA)

Product Research

Indradeb Pal, MBA
(IIM Kolkata)

Head, Marketing and Sales

Sreenu Ponnada, Ph.D.

Public Relations Officer